Movie Film

We use MovieStuff film scanners for 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film. This is the same equipment used by the Academy of Motion Pictures Film Archive and many other elite transfer services.

We chose MovieStuff scanners because they provide outstanding picture quality. They are also very safe. Old movie film is often brittle and tears easily at the sprockets. Sprocketless scanners will not tear your film, so sprocketless film transport was a must when we chose our equipment. Our film scanners also eliminate the possibility of heat damage because they use cool LED bulbs for illumination. Click here for more information about our film scanners:

We can deliver your movies on DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and as high quality .mov and .avi files in sizes up to 1080pHD.


Rate Card:

  • Base Charge (includes film cleaning, DVD and 1st 50ft): $40
  • 8mm/Super8/16mm film: $0.20/ft
  • Additional DVD for jobs over 2 hours: $30
  • Super8 sound: $30/hr
  • Upload digital files to hard drive: $20 (you can supply a hard drive or purchase one from us)